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The CaseCodex Difference

Traditional legal search tools hinge on exact keyword match, often overlooking valuable case law that may use synonyms or nuanced variations of those terms. CaseCodex's concept-based discovery gives a more comprehensive search.

Redefining Legal Search

Experience a shift from the limitations of keyword-based searches to the breadth of concept-based discoveries.

  • Intelligent Search Capabilities

    Skip the tedious process of finding the perfect keyword. Just input sentences, paragraphs, or even entire emails describing your claims into CaseCodex. Our advanced AI understands your needs, generating the most relevant search terms and phrases, directing you to the most fitting case law.

  • Contextual Results, Every Time

    More than just a list of cases, CaseCodex provides insightful explanations. Understand how and why each case is pertinent to your legal query, ensuring every search adds value to your arguments and strategies.

Join a new era with CaseCodex. Embrace a tool that understands your needs, enhances your legal research process, and offers context every step of the way.

How it Works

Describe Your Requirements

Simply input a sentence or paragraph detailing your legal query or requirement. No need for specific keywords or formal jargon – just tell us what you're looking for.

LLM-Assisted Search & Analysis

Our advanced LLM assesses your description, generates relevant search terms, and swiftly combs through our extensive case law database. Within seconds, it identifies and assesses the most pertinent cases for your review.

Review & Share Results

Once your results are in, you'll receive a curated list of relevant cases, each accompanied by a tailored summary of its relevance to your query. See search results in our dashboard or share them with our PDF export.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We prioritize your data's privacy and security. Our platform uses cutting-edge encryption and security protocols to ensure that your information and search queries remain confidential.

  • Currently, our primary focus is on US case law, but we are in the process of expanding our database to include international jurisdictions. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Our database is regularly updated to include the latest cases and legal precedents, ensuring you always have access to the most recent legal information.

  • Only when you offer feedback on search results. Your feedback is pivotal for refining our AI. However, if you prefer your queries excluded from future model improvements, simply avoid providing feedback.

  • While ChatGPT, a generalized language model, might generate unverified or fabricated cases, CaseCodex exclusively scans trusted case law databases, ensuring genuine and reliable legal information every time.

  • We're here for you! Our support team is readily available to assist with any questions or concerns you might have.